Bringing together experts from six diverse fields, MindRisk takes an integrative approach to simplify, innovate and improve complex business processes.

MindRisk professionals not only provide cutting-edge consulting services but are also implementation specialists. It also provides training to ensure improvements are sustainable.

Mindrisk transforms businesses by re-aligning measurable indicators to the changing strategic priorities. With the aid of modern technology, expertise and experience, Mindrisk implements business processes that are world class, easier to manage, and are agile enough to respond to strategic shifts. Improved employee motivation, better decision making and improved corporate performance are some of the outcomes.

Client's interest comes first at Mindrisk.

News & Updates

Demystifying Performance Management

There’s been a lot written recently – and a great deal of confusion – about the importance of enterprise.

Date: 20/12/2013
Australian Banks are the world's safest

It is within this context that Global Finance announces it’s 22nd Annual Ranking of the World’s 50 Safest Banks.

Date: 26/08/2013
Performance Management - challenges

For many financial planners out there, budgeting, planning and forecasting equals spreadsheets.

Date: 24/10/2013