MindRisk provides training to ensure improvements are sustainable. Every implementation suite comes with necessary employee and executive training packages.

Mindrisk's corporate training team has also developed some unique standalone training programmes for both middle level and senior level management.

  • Senior level management - The Future of Business
    Experience MindRisk's unique integative approach. This half-day programme provides an insight into how an integrative and forward looking approach is relevant in today's business landscape that is a mash-up of disruptions.
  • Senior level management - The solution problem
    Experience MindRisk's unique problem formulation challenge. The 1 day programme will challenge your mind in thinking how to defend your core competencies and how to take advantage of the sequence of options that are current and position yourself to embrace the new. By definition, a strategy is not always about what to do but is about discarding what's irrelevant. The problem is in how we formulate the problem before we think about solutions.
  • Middle level management - MindRisk First Line Managers Leadership Programme in Risk
    Experience our renowned programme in risk management to understand the what is it, where it came from, how it evolved and what is it going be be in the future in our flagship programmes for: The 2 day programme will challenge the way you through about yourself and risk and your perceptions for and against effective risk management.